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Welcome to our school! We believe that parent participation is key to student success; We also believe in celebrating our teachers, students, staff, and community. Click here to check out the highlights from this month!

Recent Highlights

March Perfect Attendance Award - Jaxon Savage
Swallows Insurance Student Leader for the Month of March - Ajay Collins
Farm Bureau Essay Entry 1st Place - Jake Brown
Scholar Grant Recipient - Whitney Cambell
Teacher of the Year - Michelle Tarnovich
We're a Reward School (2022-2023)!

Swallows Insurance Student Leader

Hilham Elementary School will select one student, per month, to receive this award. This student must be someone who:
·       Puts the needs of someone else ahead of their own
·       Shows kindness and concern towards others
·       Listens to others
·       Does not judge others
·       Encourages others to also lead with kindness and respect

Swallows Insurance Scholar Grant Recipient

The Swallows Scholars grant is open to any teacher in Dekalb, Overton or Putnam counties and may be accessed on our website at SwallowsInsurance.com. Look for the blue button in the right-hand corner for a fillable form that can be submitted online. You may also email [email protected] to request a form that can be emailed or mailed back.

Reward School Designation

Mission Statement

The mission of Hilham Elementary is to provide positive, appropriate learning opportunities for each student regardless of social, cultural, economic, or intellectual status.  These opportunities shall foster the development of basic values, good citizenship, and a strong sense of self-worth to enable students to be productive citizens in a rapidly changing world.
To that end, Hilham Elementary seeks to enhance learning by supporting:
A competent and caring staff who strives to teach by example;
A creative, comprehensive, and effective curriculum;
A safe, orderly, and stimulating environment; and
An informed and collaborative community
Hilham Elementary pledges its commitment to developing all human resources to their fullest potential recognizing that educational excellence depends upon individual success.  Quality education depends upon collaborative commitment.

Recent News

Students Finish Summer Camp Featured Photo

Students Finish Summer Camp

The summer learning camps concluded with a delightful day filled with games and treats. The students engaged in various games in the gym, enjoyed snow cones and popcorn, and visited Livingston Central Park. The camp proved to be a great success. The students achieved significant progress and are now better equipped for the upcoming school year. We wish everyone a great remainder of their summer vacation!

Students Make Edible Play-dough

Ms. Maria Green's summer school class learned about primary colors through a fun activity where they created edible playdough.